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I love dogs! The world is a better place with dogs and I really wish we could do more for them.

The sad look in their eyes when you leave home for work/school and their enthusiasm when you come home are priceless. No matter what you do, they are always happy to see you. Even if you leave them for 12+ hours by themselves or go on vacation for 3 weeks and leave them at a pet hotel, they still love you unconditionally when you come home.

I want to know what they really think about when they sit there and look up into the sky for so long.

This photo was taken in Florence, Italy. What was he thinking?? He reminded me of my dog, Happy. She loves looking out the front door, even if it’s just an empty street and nothing happens the whole day. But she always has this contemplating look on her. What does she think about? Food? Because I know she loves food! 🙂

When I went to Europe, I think 20% of my pictures were of dogs. Dogs are everywhere there and I loved it! It was incredibly hot when we went to Athens, and there were dogs taking naps on marbles in the shade at the Acropolis. I think they go there every day to cool off and people watch. There were at least 5 dogs there just cooling off and blocking people’s paths but all the tourists just smiled and walked around them.

Same thing in Greece! My husband and I were walking around Santorini and we noticed we kept running into the same dog. I asked my husband about their food/water and then we ran into a bucket with dog food that said “Food for Animals.” Definitely made me smile: 

So there’s a little insight into my love for dogs! I really want to open up my own animal shelter in the future and already have all these plans thought up, but that’s a whole different blog post!

I haven’t posted many pictures on my website yet, www.mandytom.com, but will continue to add more to my portfolio.