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My husband and I are fair nuts for sure. We enjoy the delicious food, cute animals, beautiful decorations, and on rare occasions, the expensive carnival games. Today’s blog will be a quick feature some of the animals of the fair.

This is Daisy, 4 years old. At the time this picture was taken, she was expected to give birth in a few days. Doesn’t it look like she was smiling? I thought so!

Unfortunately, a day after Daisy gave birth to her 11 piglets, she died after a seizure. RIP!

I went back to the fair again and saw another pig with her piglets. One of these piglets was super friendly and walked right up to a fellow fair-attendee. He just sat there and let the man pet him. I really want a pet piglet!

Right next to this mommy’s pen, were Daisy’s piglets under a warm spotlight with no mommy. It was such a heartbreaking sight!

Very close to the pigs, this jersey cow also gave birth to a little calf boy. This picture was taken just a couple of hours after the birth. You can still see the placenta if you look really closely. The mom was really protective of the baby, as expected, and walked everywhere he walked.

Chicks! Everytime I see chicks, I just want to squeeze them (in a non-violent way) hahaha. I have an awesome picture of a little boy looking into the case from the other side of the glass and smiling but probably not a good idea to post someone else’s picture up here!

These two cows were just standing there letting people touch and take pictures.

Hahaha I thought this was so funny. The little goat just stood on top of the other goat for the LONGEST time. I’m surprised the bottom goat didn’t move at all.

After years of attending the fair, I finally got to see the pig races! We got there 15 minutes before show time and got pretty good seats. Then all these little kids started sitting around the track…turns out, they have even BETTER seats. Since I’m pretty short, I figured I could pass off as a little kid and sit there as well. It worked!

Here’s #1 Strawberry leading the pack, thinking “eat my dried grass!”

These pigs are actually pretty fast. When the announcer said this was a funny show, I thought the pigs were gonna walk slowly to the finish line but boy was I wrong! Again, I want a pet piglet!

As you can probably tell, pigs are my favorite fair animals!