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Last weekend I went to Las Vegas for my friend’s birthday. He wanted to try Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill at Caesar’s Palace initially but when I called to make reservations more than a week in advance for 12 people, they told me the earliest availability was 10:30pm that night! What the crazies?! Since we had a show at 9:30, we decided to go to Sage at Aria after seeing 4.5 stars with over 300 reviews on Yelp.

We arrived at Sage at exactly 5:30pm and were seated immediately in a long table out at the bar/lounge area. The restaurant was dark but ambiance was amazing. I love the purple!

We were given the regular Sage menu after we sat but we had read about the Chef’s Signature Tasting Menu ($79) online prior to coming, so we inquired about that. The super friendly waiter told us that all 12 of us had to order the tasting menu or no one can have it. We all decided to order the tasting menu and a few of us added wine pairings for an additional $39.

After we all ordered, we were given an amuse-bouche, a shot of tomato gazpacho with cucumbers. It was really flavorful and the bites of cucumbers made it more refreshing.

They also gave us two types of bread: sourdough and bacon dinner roll. The bacon dinner roll was to die for! I could’ve eaten 10 of those.

First Course:

There were three choices: Market Oysters, Wagyu Beef Tartare, Di Stefano Farms Burrata Cheese

My husband got the oysters since he doesn’t eat beef.

::Market Oysters::
Piquillo Pepper and Tabasco Sorbet
Aged Tequila Mignonette

I love oysters and I usually just eat oysters as-is to get the yummy ocean taste. Sometimes I add a squeeze of lemon but that’s the most I put on my oysters. These oysters came with Tabasco sorbet…AMAZING! The sorbet was not pure tabasco, thank goodness. I’m not sure what else they put in the tabasco sorbet but I have a feeling it’s just watered down and frozen? The oysters were really fresh and the tabasco sorbet added a great taste that complemented the oyster taste really well.

::Wagyu Beef Tartare::
Crushed Caper Aioli
Slow Poached Egg/Crispy Chocolate

This dish looked so delicious when it came. The beef is not cooked, so definitely not for those who don’t eat raw beef. They also gave each of us a lot of buttery french bread on the side to put the tartare on. The slow poached egg was awesome. You break into it but it stays put and doesn’t ooze out even though it looks like it’s not cooked.

The sauce, egg, beef, and chocolate all went so well together. It was a little bit heavy, especially with the bread, but overall the dish was so tasty. The chocolate pieces were not sweet but had the chocolate-y taste that went so well with everything else.

Second Course:

Choice between Grilled Spanish Octopus or Maine Dayboat Scallops

Seafood…yum. Scallops…even more yum!! I think I want to go to every restaurant in the world and just eat scallops.

::Maine Dayboat Scallops::
Braised Oxtail/Wild Mushrooms
Salted Caramel Reduction

This dish was definitely my favorite of the night. Not sure if it’s because I love scallops or because of the sauce. The scallops were good: texture and freshness were both good but not the best. The sauce is really something though. The caramel and mushroom tastes were really prevalent in every bite.

::Grilled Spanish Octopus::
Smoked Potato Puree/Romesco
Marcona Almond

A few of my friends ordered this but I didn’t get to take a bite! They said it was good though. 🙂

My husband couldn’t eat the scallops because of the oxtail sauce and he didn’t want to eat the octopus but Sage was really great about him substituting from the menu. For this course, my husband had pasta instead.

::Bellwhether Farms Ricotta Cavatelli:
Parsley-Walnut Pesto/Chanterelle Mushroom
Shaved Pecorino

This is one of the best pastas I’ve ever had! Perfect amount of seasoning, sauce, mushrooms, nuts, and cheese. I was able to have a little bit of everything in each bite. Pasta tasted like fresh pasta. The pine nuts were nicely toasted, pesto was not too oily. It was heaven in my mouth!

Third Course:

Choice between Iberico Pork Loin or 48 Hour Beef Belly

::Iberico Pork Loin::
Crispy Pork Shoulder/Spaetzle
Creminelli Mortadella

My husband got the pork loin and the dish was good. It consisted of a pork loin medallion, a slice of ham, and pork shoulder. The pork loin was a bit small but definitely really moist. The pork shoulder was a good combination of sweet and salty. My husband wasn’t full afterwards though because of the small amount of food that came with this course.

::48 Hour Beef Belly::
Grilled Summer Peach/Sweet Corn Puree
Pickled Ramp

The beef belly was extremely moist. Every bite literally melted in my mouth. The sauce was sweet and worked really well with the beef. Towards the end though, it got a little bit heavy but I still wanted to lick the plate clean!

Fourth Course

Choice between Gianduja Pave or Pistachio Tart

::Gianduja Pave::
Olive Oil Ice Cream
Hazelnut Crunch/Basil Jam

At first I wanted to try this because of the olive oil ice cream. My husband ordered this first so I had to order the other dessert instead just so we can try both desserts. I didn’t know this was chocolate until it came.

The chocolate on the left was interesting. After each spoon, olive oil would ooze out on the bottom. For every bite of chocolate, you can taste a really strong olive oil fragrance but it quickly disappears and you taste just the chocolate. Amazing! However, a lot of people didn’t like it and thought it was a bit weird. I can definitely see why.

::Pistachio Tart::
Sauteed Strawberries/Honeyed Mascarpone
Strawberry-Black Pepper Gelato

This dessert was so yummy! This one was definitely the better of the two desserts. The pistachio tart had just the right amount of sweetness. You can taste a faint hint of black pepper in the gelato but it went so well with the taste of strawberry.

Overall I had a great time at Sage, from the ambiance to the friendly servers to the food. The amount of food was just right for some of us but a lot of us had to get Mcdonald’s after our show. Awesome food and great time spent with wonderful friends though!

I would love to try more restaurants in Vegas!